BCAA Benefits and Why This Supplement is Best

The bodybuilding community has become intrigued with branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, in recent years. There are some very good reasons bodybuilders like these BCAA benefits. They help athletes get a leaner, yet more muscular body for tournaments without any of the potential side effects of synthetic supplements. More recently, other athletes and average people who want to get more out of their daily workouts have discovered bcaa benefits.

BCAA Benefits

Tons of BCAA Benefits

There are two ways to get BCAAs. The first is through whey protein. This is the least expensive method and many people use it to get all the BCAAs they need. The main drawback of using whey to get BCAAs is that, even though they are definitely part of the shake, they have to be processed by the body because they are attached to other amino acids. On the other hand, when BCAA is taken in supplement form, it bypasses the liver and goes directly into the blood stream, allowing the athlete to take advantage of the good bcaa benefits immediately.


BCAAs give athletes energy by slowing down the amount of time it takes for tryptophan to get to the brain, convert into seratonin and make the person feel tired. This is a natural process that happens during exercise but it can limit the time an athlete is able to work out. By taking a supplement prior to exercising, an athlete can extend their workout for as long as they want to exercise without worrying about premature fatigue.


This supplement can also be very effective when take after exercise. The amino acid leucine, which is one of the three amino acids that make up BCAAS, is critical in the process of protein synthesis. This is particularly important when a bodybuilding is preparing for a competition and limited their caloric intake. When any person is dieting, they can lose muscle in the process. BCAAs help prevent the muscle loss so the body looks much leaner.

These bcaa effects make is an obvious choice for bodybuilders but it is also useful to other athletes as well. Anyone who wants to have more energy for their workout so they can maximize their time in the gym can benefit from BCAAs. The human body natural gets fatigued after a certain amount of exercise. By interrupting that process, a person is able to work out longer and meet their fitness goals much faster. It won’t add muscle or burn fat on its own, but a BCAA supplement will help a person who is dedicated to getting in shape do so without getting worn out so quickly.

Exercise is an important factor in weight loss. However, it can become difficult when combined with dieting. Any time a person greatly reduces the number of calories they eat in a day, they lose energy. This is a natural response to the caloric deficit. Taking a BCAA supplement prior to working out will bring that energy back and provide great benefits to someone who wants to improve their appearance as well as their health.

BCAA Benefits

BCAAs cost more than whey protein and many people ask are bcaas worth it. The answer is yes for anyone who doesn’t want to wait an hour or more for their body to process the proteins and deliver the BCAA to their bloodstream. Although whey goes through the digestive system faster than many other things people consume on a daily basis, it still takes more time than a supplement that bypasses digestion and starts working right away. People who want to wait might be satisfied with whey protein but those who have to get started on their workout quickly often find that BCAAs are a better choice for them.

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